Commitment to Gender Diversity

We know that creating a diverse team is a savvy commercial thing to do. Diversity increases a company’s market share and makes employees happier. We also believe it’s just the right thing to do.

We recognise the critical role we play in securing more women in New Zealand’s top jobs, so we’re committed to gender equity at every phase in our process. Here’s how we’re currently shaping up:


Men 57%; Women 43%


Men 55%; Women 45%


Men 50%; Women 50%

We’re proud of how well we’re doing, but we remain strident in our approach to getting better.

Our Levels of Service

We measure our success by the strength of our reputation, and we’re proud that our clients recommend us to others. We survey our clients after each engagement and ask them to rate our levels of service so that we can keep evolving and improving.

 Current Client Ratings

Our understanding of your needs
Our levels of responsiveness and verbal communication
The robustness of our process
The quality of written communications
The quality of candidates presented
The ultimate outcome

Our Verbatim Feedback

"Scott was extremely flexible in his approach which ensured our needs were met without compromising the ongoing connection to candidates."

"The entire process was very smooth and the outcome is perfect."

“The final outcome was the best we could have wished for. We are very much looking forward to welcoming [him] and having him join our team."

"Especially appreciate the proactive engagement we've had throughout this process from Scott. There was a very long lead in time with this particular search and Scott was able to keep all the short listed talent "warm" throughout - no mean feat."

"A great outcome - very tenacious, thorough and clear. Great communication and valuable advice."

"Thoroughly recommend Aspire, you have been fantastic to work with."

"This was a revealing, rewarding, very professional and robust process."