Our Approach

Best practice guarantees the best possible results, which is why our executive search process is rigorously planned and executed. With extensive recruitment experience across a variety of industries, we understand how the various components of a search process should be applied.

When it comes to sourcing the best leaders in the market, we rely on bespoke and targeted research strategies, developed for each individual engagement. This is a comprehensive process, ensuring all possible avenues are explored.

We take a transparent approach when developing our research strategy and welcome our client’s participation.


The Aspire Leadership Framework is a holistic, online tool that helps our clients identify, agree and prioritise the core competencies that are critical to the success of their leaders.

Research shows that competencies are the surest and most reliable predictor of future success and performance.

Custom built, and created in consultation with a cross section of New Zealand business leaders, the Aspire Leadership Framework facilitates clarity of thinking, consistency, and alignment across all stakeholders involved in an executive search process and appointment. It is also instinctive, intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

This framework provides a reliable and aligned candidate profile that becomes a shared language, allowing an accurate and common understanding between Aspire, our clients and candidates throughout the executive search process.

This competency-driven and cohesive approach to assessment and selection also acts as a blueprint for the ongoing professional development of the appointed executive.

Search, Select & Assess

We leverage our diverse networks across a wide range of industries in New Zealand and overseas, and use our extensive research capability to tailor our search to fit our clients’ needs.

We appreciate the significance of our responsibilities in ensuring we represent your brand in a way that is consistent with your organisational values. As such, our approaches are made exclusively by experienced consultants who can guarantee that your brand is represented in the best possible light.

Our significant experience operating across a wide range of industries means we are confident and assured when we approach candidates. This means your next leader will receive the most professional and competent impression from the outset.

Following our search, we conduct thorough and challenging competency based interviews with potential candidates. This part of the executive search process allows us to produce insightful and candid individual reports which we use to propose only the most fitting candidates for further assessment by our clients.

This search and assessment methodology is further bolstered by the application of structured ability and psychometric testing where required, and robust background screening including reference checking, qualification, credit and criminal checks.


A six month programme of executive coaching that assists in the integration of your new hire, helping them realise success.

At the end of our executive search process, we offer a six month programme of executive coaching to all candidates we help place into a new role. This means our commitment to our clients and candidates does not end once an appointment is made.

Delivered by one of our experienced and certified executive coaches, the programme is designed to help the recipient develop both personally and professionally; in this case assisting the candidate’s transition into their new role, ensuring maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.

The structure of the sessions is flexible and tailored to the candidate’s needs. Our coaching programme is voluntary and confidential.